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Sito Ufficiale del Comune di Sirmione


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Sirmione audioguide: download, travel, listen

The history, culture and beauty of Sirmione downloaded directly onto your mp3 player
Upload the chapters of the audio tour onto your MP3 player and go to the entrance of the bridge that leads into the historic center of Sirmione. From there begins the journey that will take you to Piazza Castello, then up to the Church of Santa Maria della Neve and even up to the Grotte di Catullo. Descend along the opposite side of the peninsula to meet the Spa and end the path in Piazza Carducci. In the last chapters of the audio you can found culinary tips and routes outside the Old Town.
The stages of the visit
1 - Introduction
2 - Tips for a visit
3 - The church of S.Anna
4 - The Castle
5 - The church of S.Maria Maggiore
6 - From S.Maria Maggiore to the Caves of Catullo
7 - The Caves of Catullo
8 - The church of S.Pietro in Mavino
9 - Sirmione Spa
10 - Carducci Square
11 - At table with oil wine and pike
12 - Other Routes
13 - Credits  

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